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Offices are no longer 'typing factories'

Do office spaces have a dull and dusty image? Absolutely not. Offices are no longer old-fashioned typing factories. They are places where you can work, but above all inspiring environments where people can meet each other and exchange knowledge and information.

SKEPP is central to this development. That is why SKEPP organises the SKEPP pitch on every second Thursday of the year. THE stage for office innovation.

SKEPP glossy for extra inspiration

Parallel to the SKEPP we annually publish the SKEPP. The glossy offers a refreshing view on office life, but even more so on life outside the office. Office experiences are the main theme.

Of course, SKEPP is also the developer of various office experience concepts. AtoomClub, BounceSpace, HNK and oVVice are a few examples of these concepts. Office formulas with unique features, that have all been successfully marketed in the past.

Office experience concepts

AtoomClub, for example, means direct accessibility from the highway, energy and all this for an all-in price. BounceSpace is daring, creative and active in the big city.

HNK, Het Nieuwe Kantoor ('The new office'), always has a social heart, offers larger spaces and is very flexible. Our last example is oVVice: the concept that stands for Services, Smart and Sharing.

SKEPP develops office spaces

Furthermore, SKEPP is also experienced in developing customised concepts for users such as Uber, Facebook, USG and Panasonic. But SKEPP stands ready for you as well.