A start-up forever!

SKEPP is home at the office

Are you looking for workplaces, office rooms or customised office spaces? Together with SKEPP, you will find the solution that perfectly fits your requirements. SKEPP will then design and build the interior that will give tenants an experience, for both new offices and existing workplaces. SKEPP as a developer realises office experience concepts such as AtoomClub, BounceSpace, HNK and oVVice. These are concepts where the experience is key. SKEPP would also like to turn your office into a home.

SKEPP Timeline

A start-up forever!


The Beginning

Interieurlease: leasing company for complete furnishing packages.


The Re-Launch

De VastgoedInrichter: expansion leasing activities with designing and building. Continued under a new name.


The Flywheel

Introduction partner structure: 'Sharing is multiplying'


The Expansion

Property Upgrade: no longer only furnishing packages for tenants, but also the furnishing of the landlords' public spaces.


The Deepening

Online Portal: bringing together the supply and demand of workplaces, office rooms and customised office space.


The Experience

HNK: re-developing 'the worst office building in the Netherlands' into 'the most awesome workplace of the city’.


The Stage

SKEPP pitch: stage for office innovation, in order to become involved in more office experience formulas than just HNK.


The Selection

AtoomClub, BounceSpace and oVVice: office, retail and the catering industry find each other in various overlaps, resulting in a wide offering of office experience formulas.


The Label

SKEPP: introduction of an all-inclusive name as a brand.


The Soul

SKEPP: at home at office.